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DateApr 1, 2015 - Dec 15, 2022
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POSH Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment prevention in an organisation needs recognition of behavior, redressal process and change in attitude.

WorkManners POSH training

WorkManners POSH training

Not all workplace behavior is easy to identify as inappropriate, many actions that may appear innocent on the surface can be viewed as incidents of sexual harassment.

Our trusted and legally validated courses are online. Hence, individuals can complete the courses as per their convenience within the timetable decided by your organisation.

This Course provides compliance training to employees and supervisors

At the close of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what sexual harassment is.
  • State why it is important to prevent sexual harassment in our workplace.
  • Describe the company policy and procedures for responding and reporting incidents of sexual harassment.
  • Understand your responsibilities under our policy and procedures.

Total Duration: 60 Minutes

This Course will helps employers:

  • 1.Increase awareness about sexual harassment in workplace
  • 2.Build internal systems to prevent, diagnose and address incidents appropriately
  • 3.Reduce Compliance Risk
Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2CommerceIQ Complaints Committee
Lecture 3Sexual Harassment Incidents in India
Section Quiz
Section 2What is Sexual Harassment
Lecture 4Quiz Explanation
Lecture 5What is Sexual HarassmentFree Preview

Sexual harassment is gender-neutral. Men can sexually harass women, and women can sexually harass men, even same sex genders can also claim harassment.

However, statistics show that the overwhelming majority of sexual harassment claims and charges are brought by women claiming that they were sexually harassed by men.

Lecture 6Sexual Harassment in work place - Examples
Lecture 7Types of Sexual Harassment
Lecture 8Flirting vs Sexual harassmentFree Preview

Flirting vs Sexual harassment

Section Quiz
Section 3Preventing Sexual Harassment
Lecture 9Quiz Explanation
Lecture 10Know your rights
Lecture 11What to do when you face Sexual HarassmentFree Preview

What to do if you face Sexual harassment ?

Most of us, when faced with harassment, will want it to put an end to it immediately.  It’s important to have a positive working environment. After all, you spend a large portion of your waking hours at work. Here’s what you should do.

  • Talk to harasser

Make the instigator of your harassment aware, verbally or in writing, that you are unhappy with the behaviour by confronting the person yourself or indirectly via a colleague speaking on your behalf.

You must be clear about the action that you found to be harassing. You must also be open about how you feel about the issue. If this was his or her way of initiating office romance, then he or she has gotten it all wrong.

  • Don’t stop your life

It is important that you never let a harassment stop your life. For instance, you must not also stop coming to work, unless there’s grave danger to yourself.

You know best why you go to work and what you want to achieve. Instead, find an appropriate way of dealing with the situation. Running away is never a solution at all.

  • Document incident(s)

Just in case you would need to seek legal help, it would be important to have up to date information. Sometimes it may not be possible to remember everything. You would need to be sure about what you should report.

You would need to keep track of time, date, place and the harasser. If possible, you would need to include the actions you took.

  • Share the experience

You have friends and sympathetic colleagues. Friends can help you think through a problem. It would help you make right decisions.

  • Escalate

If the harassment continues thereafter, alert your supervisor or HR Manager to the situation and make note of every incident that follows.

You may give this time to see the outcome. But if it does not work or incidents are too severe, then you may have to contact Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) or initiate legal action.

Section 4Laws on Sexual Harassment
Lecture 12Indian Law on Sexual Harassment - POSHFree Preview


The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013  (POSH) is a legislative act in India that seeks to protect women from sexual harassment at their place of work. It also creates a mechanism for redressed of complaints.

The Act also covers concepts of ‘quid pro quo harassment’ and ‘hostile work environment’ as forms of sexual harassment.

The definition of “aggrieved woman”, who will get protection under the Act is extremely wide to cover all women, irrespective of her age or employment status.

According to the POSH Act

  • The Act requires employers to conduct education and sensitization programs and develop policies against sexual harassment.
  • Every employer is required to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at each office or branch with 10 or more employees.
  • The Complaints Committees have the powers of civil courts for gathering evidence.
  • The inquiry process under the Act will be confidential.
  • Non-compliance penalties have been prescribed for employers.
Lecture 13Supervisor's Responsibility
Lecture 14Employer's Responsibility
Lecture 15Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
Lecture 16POSH WorkflowFree Preview

ICC Workflow

According to the POSH Act, in case of a sexual harassment incident, an employee has a time bound redressal process to get help.

  • You deserve a positive work environment where
    • you are treated with respect.
    • you are treated fairly.
    • you feel safe.
  • Don’t hide or stay quiet; Speak Up
  • Your company will support you throughout

Follow the Grievance Addressal Procedure

If a complaint is made to ICC

  • It will be taken seriously.
  • It will be investigated promptly.
  • Interviews will be conducted to gather information.
  • Findings will be based on fact.
  • Action will be taken to stop harassment if it is determined it has occurred.

Lecture 17Bommerang ICC
Section 5What have you learnt? - Quiz
Lecture 18What did you learn todayFree Preview


Sexual harassment of a person at workplace is often used as an oppressive tool to
control and dominate.

It should not be considered as merely a wrong against woman who is harassed but against the institution where she works.

Therefore, ensure the compliance of POSH Act to protect yourself, your fellow colleagues and your organization against this menace.

Lecture 19Conclusion
Lecture 20Certification quiz