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Every company has values. At a basic level, values are the core beliefs and commitments that matter most to a company and the foundation of the way it conducts business.

A set of core values is the bedrock of a company’s culture. They establish standards for ethical decision-making that contribute to a company’s code of ethics. Our reputation and success depend upon the personal commitment that each of us makes to understand and uphold CommerceIQ’s values and to behave ethically in all of our business dealings. This course in core values will help you understand why certain rules are in place, so you can internalize those expectations.

This online resource aims to help you understand:

  • What the company is trying to achieve, and how you can contribute
  • CommerceIQ core values and attitudes you need to adapt to perform at your best
  • How to use these core values to guide your actions in new or difficult situations
  • Your role in our vision as an employee

Duration – 60 mins

Section 1About Core values
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Learning Objectives
Lecture 3What are Core Values?
Lecture 4Importance of Core Values
Lecture 5Impact of Core Values
Section 2Our Core Values
Lecture 6What do we value?
Lecture 7Customer Obsession
Lecture 8Customer Obsession - Case Study
Lecture 9Take Ownership & Deliver Results
Lecture 10Take Ownership & Deliver Results - Case Study
Lecture 11Bias for Action
Lecture 12Bias for Action - Case Study
Lecture 13Dive Deep
Lecture 14Dive Deep - Case Study
Lecture 15Curiosity & Self Learning
Lecture 16Curiosity & Self Learning - Case Study
Lecture 17Hire & Develop the Best
Lecture 18Hire & Develop the Best - Case Study
Lecture 19Win as a Team
Lecture 20Win as a Team - Case Study
Lecture 21Think Big, Take Bets and Innovate
Lecture 22Think Big, Take Bets and Innovate - Case Study
Section 3Conclusion
Lecture 23What we learned
Lecture 24Conclusion
Lecture 25Certification Quiz