TypeOnline Course
DateMay 15, 2018 - Dec 15, 2022
Student Enrolled319
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An organization is comprised of and defined by its employees, and its long-term success is dependent on its employees making decisions which reflect its values and conform to industry standards and regulations.
This training highlights key topics from the Code of Ethical Business Conduct relevant to your daily business.

After completing this training you will be able toBusiness ethics

  • Recognize conflict of interest
  • Avoid the appearance of impropriety when doing business
  • Comply with legal restriction concerning financial stocks
  • Protect and respect intellectual property
  • Identify data protection and privacy measures
  • Avoid common security risks
  • Learn about Media Compliance
  • Understand your organization’s diversity and harassment policy
  • Contribute to Environment and CSR

 Total Duration: 60 Minutes

Section 1Maintaining Business Integrity
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Conflict of Interest
Lecture 3Secondary Employment
Lecture 4Gifts and Hospitality
Lecture 5Insider Trading
Lecture 6Antitrust and Fair Competition
Section Quiz
Section 2Protecting IP and Personal Data
Lecture 7Quiz Explanation
Lecture 8Introduction
Lecture 9Intellectual Property
Lecture 10Protecting Protecting Personal Data
Section Quiz
Section 3Applying Security Principles
Lecture 11Quiz Explanation
Lecture 12Introduction
Lecture 13Clean Desk
Lecture 14Social Engineering
Lecture 15Phishing
Section Quiz
Section 4Diversity, Harassment and Mutual Respect
Lecture 16Quiz Explanation
Lecture 17Diversity
Lecture 18Harassment
Lecture 19Mutual Respect
Section 5Media Compliance
Lecture 20Speaking on behalf of CommerceIQ
Lecture 21Social Media
Section 6Health and Safety
Section 7Environment and CSR
Lecture 23Environment
Lecture 24Corporate Social Responsibility
Section 8What have you learnt? - Quiz
Lecture 25What did you learn today ?
Lecture 26Conclusion
Lecture 27Certification quiz